proof  A lunch-hour spent marking up the proof of Real Bagels gets me one step closer to Launch Day, but more importantly, closer to the   day I won’t have the "bagel book" excuse for not doing any actual writing. The mental gymnastics involved in figuring out how to stretch this project out for another year are astounding.

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like their father or their dog just died


In his book The Wild Edge of Sorrow, Francis Weller writes “there is no love that does not contain loss and no loss that is not a reminder of the love we carry”. I can already tell, just a couple of chapters in, that it is one of those books I will highlight and The Dog Bob Septemberunderline and worry over until the pages are frayed.

We lost The Dog Bob on September 22nd.

He is irreplaceable, but loss is an old friend by now and I find some comfort in grief.  

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#boblivesIt's been a month since our little Bob was diagnosed with an untreatable cancerous tumor. We thought we'd lose him in those first few days, but he's soldiering on. Check out his daily #boblives photos on Instagram and feel free to stop in and give him a cuddle.


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Happy Birthday, Mouse!


Micah and Cillian 2016I am so proud of the thoughtful artist you've become and the lovely relationship you have built with Cillian. He's lucky to have you for a dad and I am lucky to be your mom. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Mouse.


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The Dog Bob’s No Good Very Bad Day


Jules Vilmur with The Dog BobThe news from Bob's vet is bad. It reminds me of that scene in St. Elmo's fire where Mare Winningham takes Rob Lowe to her parent's house for dinner and her mother whispers the words she finds too terrible to say aloud.




And so we're losing him – the tiniest thing I ever saw – my bestest puppy ever and an emissary for his breed. And I know, he's just a dog, but he's my dog and so this fucked up world has found another way to break my heart.

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