Roasted Gilroy Garlic Bagel


Roasted Gilroy Garlic BagelIN BAGEL NEWS: Yesterday was another baking marathon, producing 40+ bagels, half of which went to the office for noshing while the rest headed to the freezer after the prettiest ones were subjected to bright lights and the scrutiny of the camera. I'm looking forward to the end of this project and getting back to real work, but I worry that my incessant recipe tinkering might turn this into the Winchester Mystery House of cookbooks.

For instance, here's a late entry to the table – the Roasted Gilroy Garlic bagel, which celebrates Central Valley agriculture and Gilroy, California, the "Garlic Capital of the World". Two full heads of garlic go into these babies and the result is a seriously garlicky but super mellow roasted flavor.

I'd been working on a ginger-flavored bagel for months. The sixth (and best) version was meh – decidedly underwhelming – but I was committed. Meanwhile, there were whispers and grumbles among the tast-testers at the lack of garlicky bagels in the warm paper bags before them.

Anybody can make a garlic bagel, I told them, but ginger, now there's something interesting. Intellectually, perhaps. But the tastebuds were crying out for more. And oh, how we found it.

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Ninth and G Street at Dusk


Ninth and G StreetWe came into the industrial part of downtown MoTown at dusk last night. At Ninth and G Street, we noticed a haphazardly parked SUV between two buildings, its driver's door flung wide and a shadowy couple nearby. With our windows rolled up, we couldn't hear what was going on, but I saw the boy grab her with both hands and then fling her away. Hearts pound. Adrenaline rushes. Then just as foreceful as he shoved her, he yanked her towards him again. In an instant, she spun away and kicked out her foot just so. Only then did it occur to me that this shadowy pair were dancing. Like really good swing dancing. And somehow it felt like catching sight of a falling star; this young couple dancing in perfect communion in the dusky shadows of an empty lot near Ninth and G Street. What I mean to say is that I felt blessed.



AliceTime tears past me at an alarming pace and the expanse between you and I grows wider by the hour. How have I’ve made it this far from where you left and what does it mean of love that I can survive each day, month after month, all these fucking years?

Please Stand By


stand byThe Receptionist TBA … oh wait, I guess she's been announced, hasn't she?

The Bullish Receptionist has nearly completed her initial training which is good news for the office, the introvert who longs for her cozy cubicle and the blog baby she's neglected during the shift-change. Please stand by while we collect ourselves and find our groove once again.