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Over the weekend, I spent time with Mona Bliss and Patricia Elizabeth. This rare trifecta of wit, wisdom and why-the-fuck-don’t-we-cross-the-country-more-often-to-do-this-? was deeply nostalgic and creatively invigorating. We talked about the Golden Age of Blogdom, art and creativity, our failed attempts to Get The Band Back Together, friends we lost along the way ( #Sawni ) and the evolution of Social Media. Portions of this wandering three-day conversation were recorded (many thanks to Geekishcast) and I'll be sharing bits of it with you over the next few weeks while the witty bitches and I mull over the possibility of continuing the conversation at regular intervals and figure out if anyone else is interested in hearing (or getting in on) them. Witty Bitches

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Lorne Cardinal; The Geekish Interview


Lorne CardinalYou may already know that Jeremy (aka The Mister) has a podcast called Geekishcast, on which he discusses all things geeky, interviewing writers, filmmakers and artists. Last week, I got to join him for the interview with Lorne Cardinal, an accomplished Canadian actor, producer, director and advocate for the indigenous peoples of Canada.

For us, Lorne will always be part Davis Quinton from our beloved Corner Gas, but the interview gave us a chance to explore his love of theater and dramatic work. You can catch Lorne in the award winning If I Had Wings (2013) and the short film Limina (of particular interest to some of us), described as:an indie short fiction-film about an intuitive gender-fluid child who embarks on a path of kindness.

Our discussion of Aboriginal music has had interesting reprocussions, as The Mister and I have dug into the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and discovered a wealth of music we'd never before encountered.

In the conversation with Lorne and later, listening to a pair of Māori women with ukelele and a box drum I was reminded of how easy it is to wall ourselves off from other people, become complacent and comfortable with what is familiar and safe. What beautiful things we are missing when we do so.

Listen to the interview HERE

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rememberingThere is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. – Washington Irving

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Target’s Transgender Policy; Trans-Inclusiveness in Action


Targets Transgender Policy[Target's Transgender Policy may be a new thing but as far back as 2008, their trans-inclusiveness was already in action. My daughter Ashlie (aka Alice) was struggling  at the time, to present an exterior that matched her interior, and we were met with nothing but kindness and respect in the Target stores in our (red county/blue state) hometown.One of those visits appears in The Complicated Geography of Alice and I've shared it below.

Thank you TARGET, for standing up for families like ours. 🙂


APRIL 2008

“Is everything alright?” the woman folding sweaters at the entrance of the Target dressing room asks.

“Oh, we're fine,” I halfheartedly assure her, standing in the narrow hall between cubicles while Alice cries loudly within the stall.

The woman looks unconvinced.

“Teenage girls and jeans,” I explain, rolling my eyes. Then I lean against the door and whisper, “Al, put your pants back on and bring everything out. We can do this another day.”

“B-b-but I need jeans!” she wails.

After a bit, the weeping downgrades to sniffles, and I hear her moving around inside the stall. I smile at the attendant, pacing nervously while I wait.

It was brave of us to try this in the first place, marching into the dressing room, daring anyone to try and stop us.

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Homemade Cherry Ice Cream; In Season NOW!


Homemade Cherry Ice CreamWhen I saw the huge bowls of dark red cherries at the farmer's market last week, I knew what I had to do. Cherry Season is invariably Homemade Cherry Ice Cream season 'round these parts, so I filled my canvas bag with organic bing cherries and picked up cream and ice on the way home. My parents' old Ice Cream Maker circa 1976 went to work on Saturday night and whipped us up an awesome batch of Very Cherry Ice Cream.

You can find the recipe in this post from 2013


so get on it before cherry season slips away!

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