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Old-School Comment-Whoring


More than fourteen thousand page views here on Laurustina this month and only four comments. Really? Is it me? Do I talk too much? (My sister will be laughing right now.) But seriously, you people are ridiculiously quiet. So that's … Continue reading

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“Your Life As Story” In Review


Last week, I was scouring the library for resource books on Memoir. I didn't come up with much beyond the handful I'd already dug through, but later the same night, while re-shelving my own books in our new office, I … Continue reading

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TJ’s Pesto Chicken Pasta


I'm a big fan of Trader Joes' sauces. I keep a fat stash of them in the cupboard, including my favorite Curry Simmer Sauce, Thai Red Curry Sauce and their Basil Pesto. My favorite use of TJ's Pesto sauce dish … Continue reading

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Homesick; Shades of Santa Cruz


The Street Preacher takes to the corner of Pacific and Cooper in Downtown Santa Cruz shortly before noon on most days. I suspect he’s chosen this spot, because the acoustics on the single short block of Cooper Street are amazing. … Continue reading

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A Crisis of Conscience; on Furthering the Narrative of Trans-Suffering


Yesterday, while wandering through the wonders of the internet(s), I came upon an essay by Stephen Ira which was (specifics aside) a critique of media portrayals of trans people. The article gnawed at me all day and by this morning, … Continue reading

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