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I’d like to take a moment tonight to thank you. All of you. My existence in this little corner of the internet(s) has been, at particularly dark times, my only connection to the world outside my door. To those of … Continue reading

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Honest Holidays


The holidays really fuck with me. This is true for bereaved parents in general. It’s not just that first year without your child that’s ruined, but every year thereafter. I used to love a fresh-cut Christmas tree. The bigger the … Continue reading

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My Bagel Legacy


Mouse (aka Max) boiled and baked this week's stash of homemade bagels. This is my bagel legacy.

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Home Movies ; Bits of G.


I spent part of the day rescuing home movies from old VHS tapes. There was no good way to do this on my own, so I ended up filming clips of the video. This particular bit is from Christmas 2003, … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz Boardwalk Tsunami


Taken aboard the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Tsunami in 2001, this remains my favorite photo of Jordan and J. Everything you need to know about their relationship in those years, is here.

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