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In The Name Of Love


One day before Alice’s sixteenth birthday, Max, June, Alice and I pile into the car and head West for the promised excursion to the Gay Pride Parade in Santa Cruz. Earlier in the week, June took Alice shopping for the … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Woman; Esther


Esther came to The States from Honduras in the late 70’s as the Mail-Order bride of a man named Walter. She was not what anyone expected, neither young and timid, nor shapely and full of fire. Instead, she was thick, … Continue reading

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Broken Promises


 In early May, I get a panicked phone call from Linda twenty minutes before I’m scheduled to pick Alice up from her office. I leave work and drive over immediately, arriving ten minutes later to find the therapist  slumped on … Continue reading

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She bought the mask as a gift for his 19th birthday. It took all the charm she had to talk the antique dealer down to a price she could afford, but instinctively she understood that the boy and the mask … Continue reading

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a commercial break


One of my favorite writers just opened a Kickstarter campaign for his new book. If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, it’s a funding platform for creative projects, helping writers, artists and musicians raise funds to complete and produce their … Continue reading

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