25 Things I’ll Never Pay More Than $1.00 For Again


One discovers certain things when one is forced into budget tighter than Russell Brand's jeans*. Suddenly all those Brands We Swear By get scrutinized like never before. Do I honestly need Cascade, or can I survive with slightly less sparkling glassware? And yes, I trust Lysol for bouts of obsessive disinfecting, but is it possible that some no-name might protect me just the same? Over the last two years, I have weeded out many of the pricier household items that I thought I couldn't live without and replaced them with knock-off versions or the kind of unfamiliar brands most often found in the nearest everything-is-a-dollar store. High on my list of money-saving tips is the following list of things I now purchase exclusively from the local Dollar Tree and would be hard pressed to come up with a reason to ever pay more than $1.00 for again. 

Dish Soap
Laundry Soap
Floor Cleaner
Dutch Cleanser
Drain Cleaner
Air/Fabric Freshener
Plastic Food Containers
Pot Holders
Kitchen Towels
Lunch Bags
Sandwich bags
Plastic wrap
Gift Bags
Gift Wrap
Rawhide Bones
Composition Books
Roller-Ball Pens
Shaving Cream
Body Wash

Full disclosure: I still swear by Infusium leave-in conditioner, Hefty brand garbage bags and Woolite fabric softener, but everyone has their weaknesses, right?


*I originally wrote "Mick Jagger's jeans", but then realized that at 68 years old, he probably no longer qualifies as the reigning King of Skinny Jeans. Not that I intended to be ageist. I just figure he'd want something a little more comfortable these days. Perhaps a nice cotton twill or some fine linen slacks.  But I digress …

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