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One of my favorite writers just opened a Kickstarter campaign for his new book. If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, it’s a funding platform for creative projects, helping writers, artists and musicians raise funds to complete and produce their work. I’ve donated to a couple of projects in the past, one that met its goal and got funded and another that didn’t. I was delighted to have been a part of the one that made it and bummed when the second one fell short. In other words, I was invested in art from artists I believed in. This is another one of those.

I could wax poetic about Brendan Halpin’s books all afternoon, but here’s a couple of excerpts from my Good Reads notes on my favorites:

  • on “Tessa Masterson Will Go To Prom” … Halpin shines here with his ability to create teenage characters who walk, talk, think and behave like teenagers. It is one of the things which drew me to his work initially and one of the things which keeps me coming back.
  • on “Donorboy” … Charming, sad and funny. It’s a rare writer that can construct a novel entirely out of e-mails, IM conversations and journal entries and have the construct work FOR rather than AGAINST him. I loved this one and both Mouse and Ash did as well.
  • on “Long Way Back” … a powerfully engaging read, equal parts laugh-out-loud funny and tearfully sad. An unpretentious and unexpectedly hopeful novel which should be added to your To-Read List posthaste.
  • Dear Catastrophe Waitress” is one of those rare books that somehow loved me back.

You can check Brendan out on Good ReadsAmazon and his blog. After that, please consider heading over to the Kickstarter page for “Enter The Bluebird” and tossing your lunch money in as an investment so a great writer can continue giving us great stories . $6 bucks will get you a free download of the book and larger donations will have even more sweet stuff coming your way.


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  1. Margaret says:

    Thanks, The Amazon site has a pdf preview of Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom and it’s a very good start. I think I’ll have to put that one at least on my reading list.

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