Even A Dead Child


Even A Dead ChildI'm walking alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood, pulling a child's bicycle along beside me. I find Ash along the way, playing with some little girls. I turn over the bike, like I came specifically to deliver it, but Ash shoves the bike away and it clatters to the ground. Clenched jaw and defiant eyes. Oh yes, I know that look.

Like every mother ever, I grab an arm and pull my child away from the others. I hunch down until my face is level with Ash's and I growl. “Look kiddo, in my real life, you're dead. So I come all the way down here to spend time with you and THIS is how you're gonna act?

The odd thing is, I can't remember what happened after that – if Ash responded, if the mad mood broke or if I realized how funny and sad it was to say such a thing to a child. Even a dead child. Even in a dream.


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2 Responses to Even A Dead Child

  1. shelley says:

    I love the way you convey the heartbreak and the ridiculousness all at once. Hugs.

  2. Dreams are so powerful and we have next to no control over them. It always surprises me, though it shouldn’t, how potent they are. Thinking of you x

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