a month of novembering


NaNoWRiMo-ing … just so you know.

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3 Responses to a month of novembering

  1. Bullish says:

    NaNoing, you say?! And here I thought you were whipping up lamb laced shepherd’s pie or holding court over a quart of pasta fagioli or (one can hope) chopping a colorful blend of bell pepers to sweeten a skillet of roman chicken. Hmm, i wonder if its too late to change my NaNo novel to a Food Memoir?! Anyhooooo … knock out that word count, sister!!

  2. Laurustina says:

    You think I’d make Pasta Fagoli and NOT call you to the table?

  3. Bullish says:

    Not if you want any hope of living long enought to make that word count!!

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