blue-haired gurlLAURUSTINA is the blog baby of Jules Vilmur, a middle child, political junkie, and cog in the machine of local government. She is a bereaved parent, engaged agnostic and wife to a curmudgeonly geek. As the mother of a transgender child, she is an outspoken supporter of  the trans community. Jules is an INFP and greyhound collector with raging social anxiety. She believes that everyone should own both formal and casual pajamas and that if you'd just eat, you'd feel better.

LAURUSTINA.COM is eclectic and messy because life is eclectic and messy. There are film reviews from Jules' stint as Reel Gurl, a columnist for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, along with archives dating back to 2002 when she blogged at LilyWhiteIntentions.com. You'll find a lot of posts about grief and writing, trans issues and activism, book reviews and Jules own fiction and narrative non-fiction. But you'll also stumble across recipes, ramblings about food, cubicle life and being overrun by dogs.

 To e-mail Jules: laurustina [at] gmail [dot] com