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middle child

political junkie

freelance writer

bereaved parent

engaged agnostic

mother of two and wife of one

californian by birth and by choice

admittedly neurotic, slightly narcissistic

book-eating, flick-fancying, bagel-making bitch

currently obsessed with Indian cuisine, Bill Moyers and Tom Waits

… nobody you’d notice on the street

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 e-mail: laurustina [at] gmail [dot] com

I DO accept Guest Posts but limit them to issues and items that I’m personally passionate about. If you’ve got something to say or promote that you think falls into that category (i.e. the worlds best samosa recipe, hand-knitted sweaters for greyhounds or a book/film on trans issues) feel free to e-mail me with your ideas.

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Laurustina.com serves no singular purpose and has no proper objective. That is not by accident. The writing here falls into six main categories (linked on the sidebar) and spans nearly a decade, during which I finished college, worked in a se ries of non-profit organizations, returned to my hometown, watched my eldest child emerge into adulthood and buried my youngest child at age sixteen.  I am now a full-time freelance writer but Laurustina isn’t about work. It is where my unpaid (and therefore most precious) words live, where they eat, dream, weep, rage and sometimes play.
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Comments An odd thing which happens frequently here @laurustina is that people skip over the comment box provided on most posts and e-mail me their responses to something they read. I love those e-mails, but often find myself wishing that I could share bits of them with other readers who write to me privately about the same kinds of things. That said, please feel free to use and all-but-abuse the comment box from time to time. (You can always do so with some measure of anonymity) There are larger conversations to be had and this is a safe space and a quiet little corner of the internet in which we can have them.
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About The Complicated Geography of Alice I have changed certain names and identifying details within these pieces (i.e. Ashlie/Alice) but not elsewhere on the blog. If you have feedback or thoughtful questions about the stories or my daughter, you are welcome to e-mail me. If you have generalized bigotries or personal criticisms, you are welcome to keep them to yourself.
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I support and recommend the following charities and organizations:

Friends Outside
Camp Ten Trees
Haven Women’s Center
PFLAG (local and nationwide)
The Oakland Children’s Hospital
The State Theater
The Santa Cruz AIDS Project

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