Finally The Facebook


On Sunday, an old friend e-mailed me a link to a Facebook group I couldn’t resist delving into. Not joining, you understand, but logging into my barest-of-bones Facebook account so I could peruse the details of the group and ensuing discussion. The group is peopled with, well people, most of whom I haven’t heard from or thought of in 15-20 years, but all of whom I share the experience of being raised up in a certain fundamentalist evangelical church. I couldn’t help but be curious, enough so that I read through every post on every thread in a single sitting.

The threads included serious theological debates, wandering and wistful “remember when?” recollections and some intense discussion of improprieties and abuse. I was struck, quite honestly, with the civility of the discussion, despite the range of opinions and views. Maybe it IS some small credit to that upbringing. We DID sing Kumbaua every now and then.

Anyway, this is my basic explanation for How I Got Suckered Into Facebook, though there is, as of yet, no explanation for the childish delight I have taken in it. I shall attempt to return to my senses as soon as humanly possible.

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