Reading List


Transgender WritersAs the mother of a transgender child, I have written extensively about trans people. However, I do not intend or pretend to speak for them. Historically, trans people have been talked about but not listened to; written about but not read. I encourage you to seek out some of the badass transgender writers listed below and get to know them via their own words.

Alex Gino

Angelica Ross

Antony Hegarty

Arin Andrews 

Bryn Kelly

Caitlín R. Kiernan

Casey Plett

Charlie Anders

Everett Maroon

Ivan Coyote

Imogen Binnie

Jack Halberstam

Jamison Green

Janet Mock

Jazz Jennings

Jenny Boylan

Julia Serano

Kate Bornstein

Katie Rain Hill

Laura Jane Grace

Leslie Feinberg

Mateo Cruz

Mattilda B. Sycamore

Max Wolf Valerio

Micha Cardenas

Mina Caputo

Namoli Brennet

Nick Krieger

Parker Marie Malloy

Patrick Califia

Rocco Kayiatos

Ryan Cassata

Ryan Sallans

S. Bear Bergman

Sam Martin

Sassafras Lowrey

Susan Stryker

T. Cooper

Thomas Page McBee

NOTE: If there's a transgender writer you think should be on this list but isn't, please let me know.

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