Bagel Tasting Day 02.21.16


Bagel Tasting DayI planned Bagel Tasting Day to coincide with the anniversary of Ashlie's death. That may seem odd, but surrounding myself with the people I love and setting us all to a task is the best medicine on this worst of days. The pandemonium of children and dogs and guests popping by to fill take-away bags, it was the kind of day I love best. The kind Ash loved too.

By day's end we had a total of 18 flavors – some familiar like the Lemon Poppy and the Inside Out Everything, and some super creative WAY WAY WAY OUT OF THE BOX ones – and we're one step closer to our goal. A goal, by the way, that I realize I haven't really explained yet. I promise though, to do so soon.

Sara 1

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3 Responses to Bagel Tasting Day 02.21.16

  1. Debbie says:

    My daughter’s dad passed on the same date. Surrounding yourself with good food and people who love you sounds like a plan.

  2. Bullish says:

    Confession: I did not think I’d fall so hard for the lemon poppyseed. Well played! 🙂

  3. Sounds amazing and a lovely idea. Lemon poppyseed sounds so good too!

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