Bagely Things


BagelyAll last month and all next month, my answer to the polite How are you? has been and will be – BAGELY.

What began as a distraction for my February Sadness, has become a mission for the perfect bagel, not just in my kitchen, but yours. With the help of taste-testing friends and an evil genius or two, we've perfected 15 unique bagel recipes, built off a Buck Naked Plain Bagel of epic proportions. By hand or kneaded in a bread machine, these babies are nearly foolproof and conform to the golden rule of bagely things – – – 

Real Bagels Are Boiled

which happens to be the name of the book we're putting together to pass along everything I know about the only thing I ever bothered to learn to bake.


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2 Responses to Bagely Things

  1. anna julia says:

    That’s one of my favorite foods but I’ve never tried to make them myself. Too intimidating.

  2. Jules Vilmur says:

    That’s the whole point of the book, to take the intimidation out of it.

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