Bathroom Bills and Protecting Our Transgender Children From YOU

An Open Letter to all citizens, lawmakers and organizations working overtime to expand the discrimination against transgender children with creepy, voyeuristic bathroom bills :

Bathroom BillI get it. You're trying to protect your children from a perceived threat. Some of you are even willing to file false reports of transgender kids doing the things you imagine they'd want to do so you can get the ball rolling. I've lied to protect my child. I understand the urge. But the reality is that your children aren't the ones in danger.

Our transgender children are routinely harassed, humiliated and violently violated by sweet little darlings like yours. Our transgender children are singled out, attacked and shunned by those good little boys and girls you're raising to be ignorant, hateful and terrified of anything they don't understand.

Your misplaced indignation and transphobic rhetoric is a real and present danger to our transgender children and your obsession with peeking over stalls honestly freaks us out to the point that we wish we could keep YOU out of the restrooms our children use. Quite honestly, you are the reason non-discrimination laws exist in the first place.

Our transgender children deserve the right to use the restroom in which they feel safest, because they are subjected on a daily basis to small-minded, cold-hearted, bigoted little bastards like the ones you're raising to be just like you.


one pissed off trans-parent


Note: I originally posted this Open Letter regarding the so-called bathroom bills in November of 2013 when transphobic groups were working overtime to repeal California's law protecting transgender kids in school bathrooms. Luckily, the trans youth of California and their allies prevailed. But this morning I noticed that similar fights are taking place across the country and I thought perhaps it was time to reiterate my point.

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3 Responses to Bathroom Bills and Protecting Our Transgender Children From YOU

  1. Erin Renae says:

    Thanks for a well written commentary on the situation from the correct side of the issue, if indeed there is a concern on safety abuse etc it is from the trans child side. Bravo and thanks.

  2. Sometimes I can’t get my head around people…a well-phrased letter on the ignorance of those who purport to be charitable.

  3. Debbie says:


    On a somewhat related note, an idiot family member of mine just posted to facebook that racism doesn’t exist, and his kids would have never known what racism even was if it weren’t for….wait for it…..MLK day.

    Privelege facepalm.

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