Wrapping It Up; This Week’s Blog Revival Highlights


Blog Revival Highlights for January 22: getting the band back together

 Peine d'amour, paris from Anna of Absolute Uncertainty

Why I Sometimes Distrust Google Maps and Why I Am Sometimes WRONG To Do So from Miss Bliss over at Written on The Moon

Yesterday is a sleepless Debbie at Bored But Busy 

Evolution is Making Full Circle brings Mia at Giddy Girlie back in full force

Turn and Face the Change is Girly Shoes' Lynn's goodbye to Bowie

there's something lovely going on with Jessie in The Desert

and the Mother of all Blog Mamas, Pea is back in the game at the oh so familiar Deep As A Puddle After A Hard Rain.

Check them out. Leave a comment or two. And the rest of you – get engaged, take some pictures, get writing. This Blog Revival depends on you.






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One Response to Wrapping It Up; This Week’s Blog Revival Highlights

  1. pea says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I considered a new blog name for a hot second but then I realized ‘deep as a puddle’ still fits me to a tee. So here I am. And thank you for the nudge!

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