The Evil Genius Bloody Mary Bagel


Bloody Mary BagelThe savory, spicy Bloody Mary bagel is in high demand 'round here, and not just because it is served with a shot of vodka. Cracked open, it smells just the best morning-after breakfast drink you've ever had. For me, that's the Twisted Pig's Bloody Mary, garnished with peperoncini, chichorones, house-made pickles, pickled okra, and oh, a thick slice of bacon tucked right into the glass.

I can't take credit for the Bloody Mary Bagel. It's all Steven Worrel's doing, and one of three kickass recipes that he and Susanne Crichton brought on Bagel Tasting Day.  I can, however, take credit for talking him into sharing the recipe with me and eventually, with you.

I baked half of the 42 bagels in my freezer over the weekend (thanks Jill for the skinny on freezing raw dough) and sent them off in cute little bags to be enjoyed by family and friends. But oh, I should have kept a couple for myself, because all morning I've been craving a toasted Bloody Mary Bagel slathered in whipped cream cheese.

OMG I'm hungry. Can we go to lunch NOW?


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2 Responses to The Evil Genius Bloody Mary Bagel

  1. Jill says:

    Worrel is an evil, jolly genius. and you my dear are just a genious.

  2. Bullish says:

    The Bloody Mary Bagel is simply the BOMB.

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