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Walking Wounded


I don’t tell people right away that I am the mother of a dead child. It changes how they behave towards me. I know that the sheer existence of bereaved parents makes people uncomfortable, that we are a reminder of every parent's worst nightmare, proof that … Continue reading

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Okay is the New Great; What to Say to Grieving People


How Are You? – the king of all dreaded questions for greiving people. . You ask how I am and I say Okay and you furrow your brow and ask, What's wrong? And I know you don't really want to know that … Continue reading

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Please Accept My Eternal Damnation


An Open Letter to an Evangelical Christian Friend, Thank you for sharing your life with me. I enjoy the time we spend together and value your friendship. I sense your disappointment each time that I decline an invitation to visit … Continue reading

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Bathroom Bills and Protecting Our Transgender Children From YOU

An Open Letter to all citizens, lawmakers and organizations working overtime to expand the discrimination against transgender children with creepy, voyeuristic bathroom bills : I get it. You're trying to protect your children from a perceived threat. Some of you are … Continue reading

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Flying Lessons


When Arthur Cave (son of Nick Cave and Susie Bick) fell from a cliff in East Sussex and died, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t stop feeling about it. Clearly this was none of my business. It felt ghoulish … Continue reading

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