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If you’ve arrived here in search of more stories about Alice, the quickest link is THIS ONE .



Ashlie's birthday is coming up on June 2nd. She would have been 20. We're tentatively scheduled to head over to Monterey to check in on the Glorious God-Daughters next weekend and then spend Sunday morning in Santa Cruz for the Pride Parade and Festival which Ash loved and celebrated like her personal Debutante Ball. I usually try to take a few days around her birthday to cocoon if need be, and to that end, I've prepared some things in advance:

My friend The Man Dan, who curates The Chucklehut has kindly agreed to hop on over next week to share one of his kick-ass narrative recipes which will have you (as it did me) scouring the fridge and grocery shelves for ripe veggies and Go Chu Jang sauce.

Mombian is hosting their 7th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day on June 1st, and I've whipped up something for that.

Also, my sister Bullish and beloved Miss Bliss and I are working on a group project which I'm really excited about. Our launch will be mid-June and the site will be primarily a playground for writers and words. I'll have more on that later, so keep an eye out.