Crossing Over; Bringing Powerful Stories to The Screen


Brenda, Francis and Abigail are three transgender immigrants who fled Mexico to start new lives in the city of Los Angeles. After suffering mental and physical abuse in their home country, the three women made their ways to the United States, each eventually seeking political asylum.  But for each of these women, leaving home was only the first step. Transgender immigrants have an even harder time surviving in a new country because of issues caused by transphobia. Once in the United States, obstacles like discrimination, loneliness, and addiction continued, and in some cases continue, to stand in their way.  While some members of this community struggle against these obstacles, others are becoming advocates and activists, thereby proving what it truly means to be an American.

Crossing Over is the story of these three strong, transgender women who immigrated to escape a lifetime of sexual and mental abuse, and found that if they wanted a better life, they’d have to fight for it.

These are stories of the American dream, of women who left behind impossible situations for better opportunities and better lives. This is a film about a community of strength and support, about women who fight for themselves and each other, and about finding the strength to be true to oneself no matter what the obstacles.  We believe that the narratives of these three women will capture the hearts and minds of the audience and empower people to speak out about the issues raised in the film. The documentary has the potential to enact change in our society and in our government policy. 

For the past year we have been working hard and often thinking of nothing else but completing this project. We are so close to seeing this film come to life, but there is still much to be done. We have shot all of our footage and now we need funds to complete the final stages of post-production. We have launched a fundraising campaign on IndieGogo in order to raise money to complete this film. For Crossing Over to truly make an impact, we need as many people as possible to help contribute to and raise awareness about our fundraising campaign and the project in general. The more public support we have, the more successful we will be in enacting change. 

We are so grateful for those who have helped us make our dream for this film a reality. Our supporters have greatly helped us do justice to the stories of Francis, Brenda and Abigail. If you want to contribute to the campaign and help bring these stories to light, you can donate on our IndieGogo page. No amount is too small. If you would like to learn more about the film or get in contact with us you can visit us on our website And lastly, please help us spread the word about the film and campaign. Awareness is the first step in creating real positive change.

Thank you,

The Crossing Over Crew. 




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