Doing The Work


doing the workEarlier this year, I started receiving child-support checks from Ashlie's father, twenty-four years after she was born and eight years after her death. It seemed perverse, accepting this money and the accompanying monthly reminder of a man I prefer to forget. I shoved the first check into the bottom of my bag, and tried to forget it. The second one soon joined it.

It occurred to me on the day the third check arrived that I could donate his money to some worthy cause, charities Ashlie would have supported. The fact that they'll likely be causes he hates is just icing on the cake. 

I started off with the local Pride Center, a Domestic Violence recource center in the town where he lives and a Trans Support org in Arizona. A FB call for suggestions of other organizations in need of support got my list going, but I want to spread that jackass' money far and wide. So feel free to give a shout out to your favorite non-profit/charity in the comments below, especially those doing the work focused on social justice, domestic violence, suicide and mental health or LGBTQ youth.

(image via charityspring)

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