How Ashlie became Alice



One pill makes you larger
and one pill makes you small
and the ones that Mother gives you
don't do anything at all
go ask Alice
when she's ten feet tall”
White Rabbit” Jefferson Airplane

About two months after Ashlie revealed herself and chose her name, she announced that she had decided to change it again. Alice. Yep, that was definitely the right one. Except no one would go for it. Most people were still struggling with calling her Ashlie, although Ash had become pretty comfortable and I'd finally gotten to the point where I could angrily holler "Ashlie Anna!" instead of "Gabriel Jordan!" without missing a beat. (That is the true test, just so you know, what name you yell when you've lost your temper.)

Try as she might, we refused to give in. She kept Alice as a nom de plume, signing it on her letters and poems, doodling it in the margins of her notebooks. When I set out to write about Ashlie on a larger scale, I decided to give the name back to her. Later, when Mouse came across Tom Waits haunting “Alice” and played it for me the first time, I knew I couldn't change or take that name away from her if I tried.

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