Jalisco 360; Google Street View Fiction


Nearly noon by the sun. Heat pours in through windows flung wide to invite the pre-dawn breeze. She doesn’t have to roll over to know he’s gone. The proud rooster mariachi spilling out of Humberto’s Cantina is full of Esteban’s fire.

He wants to take her away – Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán – his future and fortune in the pockets of the turista. But Marta is bound to this place. Not out of duty, but love. Even after what happened.

The band takes pause. She throws off the sweaty sheet and stretches like a sunning cat. Any moment now, Esteban will scale the tree and rush the balcony to be conquered by her once more.

He will still go off in search of his destiny and spend a lifetime trying to get back to Jalisco. To this room. This girl. This morning. 



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