Lorne Cardinal; The Geekish Interview


Lorne CardinalYou may already know that Jeremy (aka The Mister) has a podcast called Geekishcast, on which he discusses all things geeky, interviewing writers, filmmakers and artists. Last week, I got to join him for the interview with Lorne Cardinal, an accomplished Canadian actor, producer, director and advocate for the indigenous peoples of Canada.

For us, Lorne will always be part Davis Quinton from our beloved Corner Gas, but the interview gave us a chance to explore his love of theater and dramatic work. You can catch Lorne in the award winning If I Had Wings (2013) and the short film Limina (of particular interest to some of us), described as:an indie short fiction-film about an intuitive gender-fluid child who embarks on a path of kindness.

Our discussion of Aboriginal music has had interesting reprocussions, as The Mister and I have dug into the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and discovered a wealth of music we'd never before encountered.

In the conversation with Lorne and later, listening to a pair of Māori women with ukelele and a box drum I was reminded of how easy it is to wall ourselves off from other people, become complacent and comfortable with what is familiar and safe. What beautiful things we are missing when we do so.

Listen to the interview HERE

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