MOE On Ice


I'm back on ice packs and ibuprofen in an attempt to manage the pain in my wrist and elbow. Technically it's considered Tennis Elbow, though I prefer to think of it as MOE (Mouse Overuse Elbow). It comes and goes with some regularity ever since the great Mafia Wars injury in the Summer of 2009 when my hand swelled up like a balloon after I discovered that mindless button-smashing games are a great distraction from grief. This time though, it's simply the scroll-pad on my laptop that caused the flare up. Too much perusing of the internet(s) instead of simply writing, which bothers my wrist less.

I'll be mostly off-line for the rest of the week, but checking in here and there because I can't stand not to. Hopefully though I'll get some work done as deadlines approach (self-imposed and otherwise). In the meantime, there's all kinds of stuff going on over at Sweet Banana Ink, including a Friday Night Flash Fiction challenge that anyone and everyone can get in on.  

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