Patterson’s Wager; The Indie Flick You Sadly Missed


pattersons wagerAges ago, I asked Susanne The Scot's husband if he thought that she believed in the Loch Ness Monster. 

"Deep down she's a romantic, so yes, I expect she does," he answered.

This conversation came back to me after seeing Patterson's Wager that first time.

Not because it's about the Nessie (it's not), but because deep down, I too am a romantic and this little movie got past the cynical wall I built to keep out schlocky romantic comedies and lovelorn sagas. It surprised and charmed me. That, my friends, is rare.

I haven't been officially employed as a film writer in nearly a decade, but I still watch a lot of movies and every once in a while, I get the urge to write about one. O. Corbin Saleken's 2015 film Patterson's Wager is is one of those movies.

This Canadian indie has been making the festival circuit and racking up awards along the way. Jeremy and I discovered it through Fred Ewanuick, who is cast as Charles, an ordinary guy in an extrordinary situation. Without explanation or warning, Charles begins to have visions of events just moments in the future. 

As a subject and storytelling device precognition is nothing new, but Saleken has used it deftly, in service to the real challenge his character faces.

I'd say more, but I'd hate to ruin this lovely little film for you, so go find it at iTunes, Vimeo or on Amazon VOD and come back to check out the Geekishcast interview with O'Corbin Saleken below.


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Fred Ewanuick; The Geekishcast Interview


The one in which J and I chat up the amiable Fred Ewanuick. A seriously lovely fellow.


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The Wild Edge of Sorrow and Chasing The Scream


wild edge of sorrowI'm going to need something light and cheery to read on the other side of these wonderful but weighty books. You got something like that?chasing the scream


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Spicy Kimchi Noodles; Totally Worth It


Spicy Kimchi NoodlesMy sister teased me this morning about the stack of tupperware containers I was taking to work for lunch. There was one full of fluffy Thai noodles. Another heldf fresh cut veggies and herbs, and the last but by no means least, was a container full of the precious spicy Kimchi, Gochojang and red miso dressing. I tried to explain to her that it's a challenge I've given myself, to make my own lunches Monday thru Thursday, saving the splurge of eating out for Fridays.

The only way I can stick to this plan, is to make crave-worthy lunches like these Kimchi noodles, modified from the NY Times Food recipe for Cold Spicy Kimchi Noodles. The downside to this recipe is that everything is supposed to be assembled at the last minute – hence the stack of containers.

I managed to assemble everything at my desk in under five minutes. I took the first bite, with sweet tomato, slippery rice noodle and the amazing dressing, and then snapped a picture to send to my sister. Totally worth it, I wrote, and then got back to eating. Every damn bite.

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Wordy Bitches


Over the weekend, I spent time with Mona Bliss and Patricia Elizabeth. This rare trifecta of wit, wisdom and why-the-fuck-don’t-we-cross-the-country-more-often-to-do-this-? was deeply nostalgic and creatively invigorating. We talked about the Golden Age of Blogging, art and creativity, our failed attempts to Get The Band Back Together, friends we lost along the way ( #Sawni ) and the evolution of Social Media. Portions of this wandering three-day conversation were recorded (many thanks to Geekishcast) and I'll be sharing bits of it with you over the next few weeks while the wordy bitches and I mull over the possibility of continuing the conversation at regular intervals.

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