The Wild Edge of Sorrow and Chasing The Scream


wild edge of sorrowI'm going to need something light and cheery to read on the other side of these wonderful but weighty books. You got something like that?chasing the scream


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Spicy Kimchi Noodles; Totally Worth It


Spicy Kimchi NoodlesMy sister teased me this morning about the stack of tupperware containers I was taking to work for lunch. There was one full of fluffy Thai noodles. Another heldf fresh cut veggies and herbs, and the last but by no means least, was a container full of the precious spicy Kimchi, Gochojang and red miso dressing. I tried to explain to her that it's a challenge I've given myself, to make my own lunches Monday thru Thursday, saving the splurge of eating out for Fridays.

The only way I can stick to this plan, is to make crave-worthy lunches like these Kimchi noodles, modified from the NY Times Food recipe for Cold Spicy Kimchi Noodles. The downside to this recipe is that everything is supposed to be assembled at the last minute – hence the stack of containers.

I managed to assemble everything at my desk in under five minutes. I took the first bite, with sweet tomato, slippery rice noodle and the amazing dressing, and then snapped a picture to send to my sister. Totally worth it, I wrote, and then got back to eating. Every damn bite.

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Wordy Bitches


Over the weekend, I spent time with Mona Bliss and Patricia Elizabeth. This rare trifecta of wit, wisdom and why-the-fuck-don’t-we-cross-the-country-more-often-to-do-this-? was deeply nostalgic and creatively invigorating. We talked about the Golden Age of Blogging, art and creativity, our failed attempts to Get The Band Back Together, friends we lost along the way ( #Sawni ) and the evolution of Social Media. Portions of this wandering three-day conversation were recorded (many thanks to Geekishcast) and I'll be sharing bits of it with you over the next few weeks while the wordy bitches and I mull over the possibility of continuing the conversation at regular intervals.

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Lorne Cardinal; The Geekish Interview


Lorne CardinalYou may already know that Jeremy (aka The Mister) has a podcast called Geekishcast, on which he discusses all things geeky, interviewing writers, filmmakers and artists. Last week, I got to join him for the interview with Lorne Cardinal, an accomplished Canadian actor, producer, director and advocate for the indigenous peoples of Canada.

For us, Lorne will always be part Davis Quinton from our beloved Corner Gas, but the interview gave us a chance to explore his love of theater and dramatic work. You can catch Lorne in the award winning If I Had Wings (2013) and the short film Limina (of particular interest to some of us), described as:an indie short fiction-film about an intuitive gender-fluid child who embarks on a path of kindness.

Our discussion of Aboriginal music has had interesting reprocussions, as The Mister and I have dug into the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and discovered a wealth of music we'd never before encountered.

In the conversation with Lorne and later, listening to a pair of Māori women with ukelele and a box drum I was reminded of how easy it is to wall ourselves off from other people, become complacent and comfortable with what is familiar and safe. What beautiful things we are missing when we do so.

Listen to the interview HERE

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rememberingThere is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. – Washington Irving

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