I spent the day writing a piece centered around marijuana. I smoked my share in my 20's and gave it up at 30. I know plenty of pot-smokers, from teenagers, couch-surfers and old hippies to bankers, lawyers and CEOs. I was reminded as I was writing of the book “The Cannibas Closet” compiled by Andrew Sullivan from reader comments on The Dish. I highly recommend the book as a reality check on the mainstream pot-culture in America today. You'll find a review of the book HERE and my piece titled Baked HERE in the next few days.

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2 Responses to Pre-Baked

  1. M. says:

    I have a lot of bull shit to say… but that fact that you post pro-pot shit, while your daughter overdosed, and you ignore the fact that pot is a gate-way drug.  I have to go away.
    you don't make sense anymore.  sorry.  I cannot be friends with you any longer.  I no longer know who you are.  sorry, I love you, but it's over.

  2. Laurustina says:


    I'm going to try and unpack your heated response, not for you but for anyone else who wanders in here and stumbles upon it. It is precisely because my daughter died of an overdose that I am writing about marijuana at all. But let's be clear about a few things: 1.) Ashlie overdosed on a legal substance found in the medicine cabinets of law-abiding citizens nationwide. 2.) I did not ignore the Regan-era “Gateway Drug” argument. Rather, I reject it outright, as do those who gather and study the statistical data on such things. 3.) While I'll assume that you didn't read a word of the book I linked to, I can assure you it's a compelling read, raising the level of discourse on federal drug policies well above what you get fed by Fox News. 4.) You are quite right in that you don't know me any more because I am not who I once was and honestly, I've been trying to tell you that for some time now. Also, the next time you want to call me out on "promoting gateway drugs" please refrain from doing so while smoking a cigarette and drinking a rum and coke. There has got to be some kind of health risk related to that particular hypocricy. 

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