Rosemary Edamame Salad; Too Pretty to Eat?


Rosemary Edamame SaladI found the recipe for this Rosemary Edamame Salad on Food52 (no big shock) and tucked it into the big book of untested recipes stuffed into a kitchen drawer. This weekend, I dug through the book, searching for a Thai Taco recipe I wanted to cook for my Baby Brother In-Law's birthday. I didn't find the tacos, but a handfull of other pages jumped out at me and this seemed like a perfect protein-packed vegetarian lunch. On the first try, I burned the rosemary and garlic (as it turns out, gently saute and sizzling are two different things), but second time around everything worked perfectly. It's the kind of dish that makes staying IN for lunch worthwhile. And oh, the arugula is a must.

Get the recipe here.

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