Sweet Banana Ink


I am all a flutter with the news that Sweet Banana Ink goes live today. The brainchild of my sister Bullish, it is intended to be a place to celebrate writers and the written word. "A place where writers can share their thoughts on the craft, and be part of a writing community regardless of genre, discipline or accumulated word count." I am excited to join Bullish and our beloved Bliss in fostering this space and making it a place where writers of all kinds can come together and engage in the creative process. Sweet Banana Ink will have fresh content three days a week and a variety of ways to get involved if the mood strikes. I'll be hosting the conversation each Wednesday so if you can't find me here, you're welcome to pop on over there. We'll be looking for contributors and guest writers, so be sure to check out the "Participate" page if you're the writerly type. If not, feel free to lurk with impunity. 


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