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Santa Cruz Boardwalk Tsunami


Taken aboard the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Tsunami in 2001, this remains my favorite photo of Jordan and J. Everything you need to know about their relationship in those years, is here.

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Still Running Her Errands


(For those reading "The Complicated Geography of Alice", it may help to clarify the usage of Ashlie vs. Alice here.) On my way the market today, I saw one of Ash's friends sitting on his mother's porch. I haven't seen … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Baby



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How to Be a Trans Ally; For The Love of Ashlie


There was a time when I was a quiet, almost timid ally of the transgender people who passed through my life. When my daughter Ashlie revealed her true gender in 2008, the level of my engagement in trans-issues changed forever. … Continue reading

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This morning I stumbled across a video that Mouse put together a couple of years ago, soundtracked by Antony & The Johnsons' "Divine". I thought I'd share it here.   

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