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The Dog Bob’s No Good Very Bad Day


The news from Bob's vet is bad. It reminds me of that scene in St. Elmo's fire where Mare Winningham takes Rob Lowe to her parent's house for dinner and her mother whispers the words she finds too terrible to … Continue reading

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My Grief Should Be Treated for Anxiety


I’ve been trying for weeks to string a few sentences together, but I can’t. The focus isn’t there. The words are a jumble in my head, and then on the page and erased moments later. Yet again, I'm trying to write about … Continue reading

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Time tears past me at an alarming pace and the expanse between you and I grows wider by the hour. How have I’ve made it this far from where you left and what does it mean of love that I … Continue reading

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Walking Wounded


I don’t tell people right away that I am the mother of a dead child. It changes how they behave towards me. I know that the sheer existence of bereaved parents makes people uncomfortable, that we are a reminder of every parent's worst nightmare, proof that … Continue reading

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The Wound

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