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Time tears past me at an alarming pace and the expanse between you and I grows wider by the hour. How have I’ve made it this far from where you left and what does it mean of love that I … Continue reading

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Walking Wounded


I don’t tell people right away that I am the mother of a dead child. It changes how they behave towards me. I know that the sheer existence of bereaved parents makes people uncomfortable, that we are a reminder of every parent's worst nightmare, proof that … Continue reading

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The Wound

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Okay is the New Great; What to Say to Grieving People


How Are You? – the king of all dreaded questions for greiving people. . You ask how I am and I say Okay and you furrow your brow and ask, What's wrong? And I know you don't really want to know that … Continue reading

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Please Accept My Eternal Damnation


An Open Letter to an Evangelical Christian Friend, Thank you for sharing your life with me. I enjoy the time we spend together and value your friendship. I sense your disappointment each time that I decline an invitation to visit … Continue reading

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