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Heritage Oak Winery Stress Therapy


Especially in light of the anxiety I mentioned yesterday, I'm the kind of person who finds it hard to relax. So when I do, outside of my normal routine (on the couch with Bob, Ollie and a glass of something … Continue reading

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The Exhaustion of Barely Getting By


Ezra Klein's powerfully pointed Washington Post column this morning has stayed with me all day. The piece digs into a portion of Romney's video-taped statement which immediately bothered me most, but has gotten less mainstream press than other bits. “The worst of … Continue reading

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Claudia Eicker-Harris and My Family!™


I am totally over the moon for My Family!™ a company founded in 2010 by Monica and Cheril Bey-Clarke to address the needs of children in the LGBT community. In an effort to spread the word about their books, I asked Cheril … Continue reading

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MOE On Ice


I'm back on ice packs and ibuprofen in an attempt to manage the pain in my wrist and elbow. Technically it's considered Tennis Elbow, though I prefer to think of it as MOE (Mouse Overuse Elbow). It comes and goes … Continue reading

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Writers Write, Right?


"In the fourth grade, I wrote an essay about how my favorite place on earth was my grandfather's horse ranch with its sprawling groves of trees and winding streams. I remember feeling particularly brilliant as I wrote that essay, inventing … Continue reading

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