The song is stuck in my head this morning.

The photo still makes me smile.

The 3+ years she's been gone are mostly a blur.

I keep waiting to come out the other side of the grief

but the truth is – there is no other side.



Mouse is down in LA this week, chasing rainbows. This afternoon I sat down at the desktop computer which I've mostly allowed him to take over when he's here, and rediscovered my entire music collection. Having transferred something in the neighborhood of 100 songs to my laptop, the 21 GB of music on this ancient old desktop seems staggering. It's been a struggle to focus on work then, while I'm toggling screens so I can listen to the long forgotten soundtrack of my life. 



This morning I stumbled across a video that Mouse put together a couple of years ago, soundtracked by Antony & The Johnsons' "Divine". I thought I'd share it here