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Bathroom Bills and Protecting Our Transgender Children From YOU

An Open Letter to all citizens, lawmakers and organizations working overtime to expand the discrimination against transgender children with creepy, voyeuristic bathroom bills : I get it. You're trying to protect your children from a perceived threat. Some of you are … Continue reading

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Even A Dead Child


I'm walking alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood, pulling a child's bicycle along beside me. I find Ash along the way, playing with some little girls. I turn over the bike, like I came specifically to deliver it, but Ash shoves … Continue reading

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Pride and Shame; an excerpt


 “Ruby and I are blocking a coveted parking space at the edge of Graceada Park just for you,” I tell my mother, as my sister pantomimes a bizarre yet brilliant space-holding dance a few feet away. Through the phone, I … Continue reading

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Revelations; an excerpt


  “We’ve been waiting for you.” Linda says ominously as she opens the door to her inner office and gestures for me to follow. It is February 2008 and Jordan has been in therapy with Linda for nine months, but … Continue reading

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Stuck In The Middle With You – a review


“A father for six years, a mother for ten and for a time in between, neither, or both … a parental version of the schnoodle or the cockapoo…” Jennifer Finney Boylan’s parenting credentials are unusual to say the least, and her newest … Continue reading

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