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Bridging the Gap


I spent the day writing, knocked out the better part of a rough-drafted chapter. It is an exhausting process and one that begs for frequent distraction. One of those distractions in mid-afternoon was a sudden overwhelming desire to find a … Continue reading

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lazy bastards


I'd invite you over to lounge on the couch, but there's precious little room left once the deceptively small Italian Greyhounds stretch out. Seriously, the Border Collie/Brittany Spaniel takes up less space.

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Pistachio and White Chocolate Heaven


Too often we view thriftiness as necessarily a form of self-denial. When it comes to being frugal in the kitchen, it is easy to get focused on what we don’t or can’t have. A while back, much to the horror … Continue reading

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Faithfully Yours


  She follows me day and night; quietly, sidling, rarely making a point to make her presence known. She is always on watch, underfoot, at my side or hovering nearby. Despite her size, she is often so unobtrusive that I … Continue reading

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This is as Christmasy as I’m going to get this year

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