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Bill Moyers is my new old boyfriend


Actually, its more like he is once again, my new old boyfriend, as I tend to forget him and have to start my Moyers Crushing anew when he says things like THIS.

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I’m so frustrated tonight that i could spit or scream or stomp someone’s head if the wrong someones crossed my path. And it’s stupid really, but then again, it’s not. I need new contact lenses. Have needed them for months. … Continue reading

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California – No on 8


Why it matters so much to so many

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what i can’t quite wrap my head around


My parents, both sets of them, made this big deal about college. I stilll remember the day my father took my sisters and I out to the cannery where he worked as a mechanic for twenty years, showed us the … Continue reading

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9:19 p.m. Ok, I just voted. And you?

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