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Santa Cruz Pride Festival 2013


Mouse and I returned to Santa Cruz yesterday with our friend (and Ashlie’s step-mother) Mary for the Santa Cruz PRIDE parade and festival. It’s an event I’ve enjoyed for nearly a decade, though 2008 was hands-down my favorite year. “In … Continue reading

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In The Name Of Love


One day before Alice’s sixteenth birthday, Max, June, Alice and I pile into the car and head West for the promised excursion to the Gay Pride Parade in Santa Cruz. Earlier in the week, June took Alice shopping for the … Continue reading

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Homesick; Shades of Santa Cruz


The Street Preacher takes to the corner of Pacific and Cooper in Downtown Santa Cruz shortly before noon on most days. I suspect he’s chosen this spot, because the acoustics on the single short block of Cooper Street are amazing. … Continue reading

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Doing Santa Cruz Right; Straight Talk on The Boardwalk


More than a decade ago, way back when the internet(s) were young, I came across a little gem of a webpage titled "San Francisco: an idiosyncratic guide for the goth-geek-freak-hipster-nerd" which changed forever the way I amuse myself in San … Continue reading

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Courtney Love @ The Catalyst (10.28.2004)


I went because… 1. I wanted to see the Queen of Disaster and Devastation with my own eyes. 2. I was curious to see who would still pay to watch her perform. 3. If she did something shocking or unseemly … Continue reading

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