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Lorne Cardinal; The Geekish Interview


You may already know that Jeremy (aka The Mister) has a podcast called Geekishcast, on which he discusses all things geeky, interviewing writers, filmmakers and artists. Last week, I got to join him for the interview with Lorne Cardinal, an accomplished Canadian … Continue reading

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It’s My Happy Place; Many Thanks To Corner Gas


Nearly every night for the last 4 ½ years, I’ve fallen asleep with an episode of Corner Gas playing on the television. There’s 107 episodes in all and I can crash out to the same one for a week before … Continue reading

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on Making it Work


Tim Gunn, best known as the co-host of Project Runway, is a man of civility, style and grace. He is a consummate gentleman and always somehow, the best dressed man in the room. His book “Gunn’s Golden Rules; Life’s Little Lessons … Continue reading

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Beyond Television


They say that ninety percent of TV is junk. But, ninety percent of everything is junk. ~Gene Roddenberry Every cable and satellite company has pre-set packages, ranging from the Basic to the OMG-Do-You-Have-NO-OTHER-LIFE-Beyond-Television?!? Package. In a perfect world, we could … Continue reading

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the tivo


Reality/Competition: The Amazing Race, Project Runway and Top Chef Staples in Sitcom: The Office, Modern Family, Bored to Death Divine Dramas: Boardwalk Empire, Parenthood, The Big C Fav Fluff: The Daily Show, Castle, The Soup Newsy Stuffs: Rachel Maddow, Bill … Continue reading

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