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Humbled Parent of Delightful Transgender Teenager with Issues


 I’ve been working with badass Bradley on revisions for The Complicated Geography of Alice and I just cut the following chapter from the manuscript. It’s always wrenching to tear stuff out, so I’m sharing it here to soothing my psyche. … Continue reading

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I Like To Know What Makes Things Go


A few years ago, I gave my father a fat stack of stories that I’d written about our family, hoping to connect with him by sharing a bit of myself. What I didn’t know for years after was the stories … Continue reading

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“Your Life As Story” In Review


Last week, I was scouring the library for resource books on Memoir. I didn't come up with much beyond the handful I'd already dug through, but later the same night, while re-shelving my own books in our new office, I … Continue reading

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On writing “Revelations”


  To say that I just wrote this chapter is a bit of Creative License a lie. I actually wrote the first draft of it in February of 2008, within a day or two of the actual events taking place. I wasn't trying to … Continue reading

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a bit of nothing


Good days happen. I'm still working on letting that be ok. I don't set out to make them happen. I don't trust the world enough yet for that, but when they accidentally or organically present themselves, I'm getting better at … Continue reading

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