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In the end it was a bloodless affair. Nothing about that has ever felt right . As my friend William Carlos wrote after leaving the hospital that night, “In the morning, I won't even have a scar.” It seems so … Continue reading

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Dabbling In Suicide; excising the therapy from the story


It was a great line. Linguistically, I loved it but it had no business being where I'd placed it. It was cold and cynical in a story where cold and cynical did not belong. It jumped up and down, focusing … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Journals 1990 – 1999


My dear friend over at The Chucklehut wrote about the promise of a fresh new notebook last week, and it reminded me once again about the lot in the garage, a decade's worth of writing journals from my less-than-glorious twenties. … Continue reading

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I did it today, just so you know. After more than two months of avoiding them, I finally worked up the courage to listen to my voicemails tonight. It has been at the top of every “To Do” list I've … Continue reading

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You’re So Cool


Some nights, when I sit out on the porch, I still feel you here with me. Even when I am trying to escape, to find a little space of my own. Even when I am tucked into the couch, and … Continue reading

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