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Bathroom Bills and Protecting Our Transgender Children From YOU

An Open Letter to all citizens, lawmakers and organizations working overtime to expand the discrimination against transgender children with creepy, voyeuristic bathroom bills : I get it. You're trying to protect your children from a perceived threat. Some of you are … Continue reading

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Scholastic Press Celebrates Trans Voices with GEORGE


I read Alex Gino’s middle grade book GEORGE and was overcome with both sadness for the past and hope for the future. I still have the dog-eared copy of “Marvin K Redpost; is He a Girl?” that Ashlie stole from the … Continue reading

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The Transgender Day of Remembrance


(from the atchives – 2011) The Transgender Day of Remembrance began in 1998 in response to the murder of Rita Hester but for the last several years it has brought another woman to my mind.She is greatly missed and though I did not … Continue reading

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Humbled Parent of Delightful Transgender Teenager with Issues


 I’ve been working with badass Bradley on revisions for The Complicated Geography of Alice and I just cut the following chapter from the manuscript. It’s always wrenching to tear stuff out, so I’m sharing it here to soothing my psyche. … Continue reading

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Revelations; an excerpt


  “We’ve been waiting for you.” Linda says ominously as she opens the door to her inner office and gestures for me to follow. It is February 2008 and Jordan has been in therapy with Linda for nine months, but … Continue reading

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