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The Exhaustion of Barely Getting By


Ezra Klein's powerfully pointed Washington Post column this morning has stayed with me all day. The piece digs into a portion of Romney's video-taped statement which immediately bothered me most, but has gotten less mainstream press than other bits. “The worst of … Continue reading

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What Un-unemployment Feels Like


Big shock, it feels like working. The good news is that it feels like the RIGHT kind of working. The good kind of working. I now find myself juggling a variety of plates but even at its most hectic, I … Continue reading

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You Can’t Unemploy Me Any Longer


On Friday morning, I officially gave up on the job market which long ago, gave up on me. Having done so feels both freeing and slightly terrifying. At this point though, the only thing I regret, is not having given … Continue reading

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I WANT MY FUCKING LIFE BACK (And YES, it’s all in caps because I am screaming at the top of my lungs)


I want to not be invisible anymore. I want to get up and shower and have somewhere to go. I want to punch the people who talk about the recession being over. I want to not have to choose between … Continue reading

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Jobby Things


  I worked for six hours at the temp gig last Monday. The boss who hadn’t spoken to me beyond a clipped “hello” last week, was suddenly friendly and curious. Seems they had a position open up unexpectedly and she … Continue reading

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