The Bagel Bitch’s Sun-Dried Tomato Bagel


Bagel Bitch's Sundried Tomato BagelThe Sun-Dried Tomato bagel is my masterpiece. With a crunchy crust and dense, chewy interior, this fragrant herby bagel is the mainstay of my mornings.

I was thirteen when I ate my first bagel. At the time, my mother worked for an Optometrist and we received invitations to a brunch at his Temple. There, we were presented with a bountiful display of gloriously unfamiliar foodstuffs. Among them was a basket of bagels, already halved and nestled in beside a tray of toppings.

Oh what what what is this wonderful dense bready thing? And this brilliant cheese which spreads so creamy on top? You don't say! You can have your sweets, dear children, your donuts and muffins and coffee cakes. Just leave this basket of glory alone because it's me and these bagels and philly from here on out.

At eighteen, on a trip to San Francisco, I was treated to my first fresh-baked bagel, sprinkled with a flurry of Kosher salt flakes. I clutched that bag of bagels on the drive home.  Bagel-making is an art form and there are as many different schools of thought on the process as there are ways to flavor your bounty.

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49 - Sundried Tomato


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