The Beastly Bastard


ThePigThis is Pig. Actually, his full name is Ignatius Banjous Trimagnaton which is of course ridiculous and therefore rarely invoked. Mostly he’s introduced as Iggy B. but when we’re irritated with him which happens all too often, he is simply Pig.

He’s a surprisingly elegant Italian Greyhound, favoring his graceful mother rather than his squatty, surly father. Over the last nine years, he’s gone from spoiled first puppy to cranky old man. He’s the reason that visitors cringe when ringing our doorbell. He’s well known as the one who steals pizza (and the occasional falsie) and pees on anything within two-feet from the floor. ¬†What I mean to say is that he’s an ass, but he’s our ass and every once in a while he’s awfully freakin’ sweet.

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2 Responses to The Beastly Bastard

  1. shelley joan says:

    Hello, Pig/Iggy/Ass. You’re pretty cute. Hi, Jules. You’re pretty cute, too, and I hear you’re not an ass, really. So, that’s good. There’s typically only room for one ass per family.

  2. mary teacher says:

    Iggy is the best! I love him most out of all your dogs. He is king in my world of dogs.

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