The Complicated Geography of Alice


Jenay's Alice

My daughter Alice was not always called Alice. Until the age of fifteen, she was Jordan, a smart-mouthed, wannabe soldier boy with a penchant for trouble, a weakness for pharmaceuticals and an enormous secret. “I’m always angry because I’m always sad and I’m always sad because I’m a girl.” These were the words that changed everything.

The Complicated Geography of Alice” is agented by the wonderful Sarah Jane Freyman and is in search of the perfect publisher. Much of it has appeared on this blog in rough form during the writing process. Sample chapters are available below. If you would like to be notified when the book is published, you may add your name to the notification list (I promise not to spam you). Also, you can find on Facebook and get notification when the blog is updated.








The Boy Suit




Behind The Curtain

Escape From The Penis Palace

The Honey and Vinegar of Pronouns

This Is Becoming A Habit

On The Loose

In The Name of Love

Pride and Shame


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