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Tomorrow, I'm turning laurustina over to my good friend The Man Dan. Trust me when I say that you'll be in good hands.

When I first met The Man Dan in person, he had to rush home to prepare a salad for a dinner he was heading off to with friends. Jay and I tried to coerce him into staying for one more lazy Sunday afternoon Margarita on the Santa Cruz wharf but he insisted that this salad preparation thing was a big deal.

“Just pick up a couple of those pre-mixed bags of salad and toss 'em in a bowl.” I said. Innocently. Foolishly. Clearly unschooled in the ways of The Man.

He laughed politely and did not say (though now I can't help but hear him thinking) “Silly girl, would you ask Mozart to write you a soap jingle? Monet to crayon a page in a coloring book? Michaelangelo to craft you a clay ashtray?" And perhaps I might, 'cause I could make a fortune from such things on eBay, but what I didn't know then that I do know now is that The Man Dan takes his foodstuffs seriously in an artistically intuitive (and occasionally gloriously gluttonous) way.

A natural storyteller, Dan weaves narrative recipes like nobody else and I am utterly delighted to have finagled a guest post out of him to share with you here. I highly recommend following him at The Chucklehut for more tasty treats, linguistic acrobatics, charming photography and best of all, his exquisitely human stories.  And please DO make him feel welcome (i.e. comments are nice. You're such a quiet lot these days.)

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  1. dan says:

    hoo look honey a starbux.  By which I mean to say, thanks, Jules, that was very flattering.  Thanks for letting me hang out for a bit. 

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