To Hell With Writer’s Block


Just put the fucking words on the fucking page. Like this. Line them up and keep going until you have a whole row. Then do it again until there are two whole rows. Throw in a few bits of punctuation for good measure. Shut off all the other shit in your head and just keep doing this. Even if the only thing you can think to write is stupid. Banal. Utterly unimportant. Even if it is the voice in your head that is shouting commands like a Drill Sargent on some blisteringly hot tarmac. Just keep repeating the motion and don't stop. For chri'sake, don't stop. If you stop you will fall. If you stop you will die. Just keep moving your fingers. 

Let the voice of the Drill Sargent drown out all the other voices in your head. Especially the one that sounds like your mother, who sent you the newspaper clipping of the nice lady who wrote some sweet fairy tale books when her child died because that's what nice people do. Polite people honor their dead with happy little imaginary stories that everyone can read and enjoy and get just a little misty-eyed when they read the jacket cover or the dedication page. Nice polite people do NOT dig in to find and expose the truth, family secrets, the ugly bits. They bury the hell out of that shit and whitewash everything until all that remains are a few cheery anecdotes.

Shut that voice up right fucking now, because it's of your own making. Your mother didn't actually say “Why can't you write happy little fairy tales like THIS woman did?”. YOU did. And even if she did, why  the hell should that rattle you so bad you freeze up? So bad you need to invent a fucking Drill Sargent and a blistering bootcamp scenario to force your fingers to the keys. The only person stopping you from writing is YOU. And the only acceptable excuse for NOT writing is that you're too fucking dead to do so. Last time I checked, you're not. So do it. Put the fucking words on the fucking page. Like this …

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  1. The Capt. says:

    Well then…couldn't have said it better myself…though likely it wouldn't have been so…uhm…harsh? But then being overly nice rarely gets much of substance accomplished. 

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