The Twisted Pig Escapes That Guy Guy


twisted pigMoTown is all atwitter after that Guy guy rolled into town with his whole Diners Drive Ins and Dives shtick. Guy-Lovers and Guy-Haters alike wanted to know – Where did he go? What did he eat? Who’s the smartass that spit on the hood of his car?

As it turns out, the Guy guy brought his camera crew, hot rod and nightmarish fashion sense to Commonwealth, a damn fine burger & beer joint across the street from my office. He also visited the Kickstarted Food Fix sandwich truck near MJC and McHenry Village’s Bauer's 66 1/2 , the best little hole-in-the-wall-eatery-at-the-back-of-a-dive-bar that you’ve ever seen.

The exposure and ensuing rush of new customers is good for them. I get that. But it's not so good for those of us who’ll now have to wrestle the newcomers and looky-loos for a table. All of this is kind of okay though. I can live with it because that Guy guy came and went without discovering my beloved Twisted Pig Bar & Grill.

Just blocks from the house, in a familiar old building, The Twisted Pig is serving up the best pub food and drinks in town. The chef is brilliant, bartenders badass, and wait-staff lovely. Their food is smart, their daily specials crave-worthy and prohibition-era cocktails rule.

When we first discovered the place, I was a zealous evangelist, telling everyone I knew to check it out. After a while, as they got more popular, I got quiet, not wanting to talk myself out of a seat.

Last week, The Pig celebrated their 1st Anniversary by roasting a whole pig on the back porch. They were packed wall to wall by 6 pm. Despite the crowd, they maintained their warm, welcoming atmosphere as regulars and newbies chowed down plates of Hog & Fries, toasted with copper cups and tried not to sing along with every song in the local band's setlist.

On Fridays, it’s Prime Rib and brussels with bacon. Maybe it's wrong, but I can’t help but be delighted that The Twisted Pig escaped that Guy guy’s loud-mouthed reality tv rodeo, ‘cause I just might get a table tonight.

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  1. Debbie says:

    We always have kind of the opposite problem. We go into our fave places and it’s just us. We are tempted to chip in rent money.

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