What Un-unemployment Feels Like


Big shock, it feels like working. The good news is that it feels like the RIGHT kind of working. The good kind of working. I now find myself juggling a variety of plates but even at its most hectic, I manage to remind myself that these are tastier plates than I have ever juggled before. (Ok, so there was that period of time when ONE of the plates I juggled had some super-yummy stuff on it, but it was seriously watered down by the bland paper-pushing bullshit that filled the accompanying plates.) Right now though, I'm chock-full of challenging, creative, sweat-of-the-brain-and-brow kind of work. I could not be more delighted.  

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3 Responses to What Un-unemployment Feels Like

  1. Brad says:

    I'm really happy to hear it.

  2. the capt says:

    Not to quibble semantics…I believe the word is "self-employment". Wherein one works harder and longer than one would work for anyone else, oft' for far less financial compensation,  with the primary benefit a daily swagger o' self satisfaction and personal hoorah rarely found in the world of Punching Timeclocks.  The only real downside is that it's buggering difficult to fire one's own self when you catch yerself being a slackass… 

  3. Laurustina says:

    capt – well put, my friend. 

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